SteelMclean: The Grooming Portfolio

SteelMclean: The Grooming Portfolio


What’s a portfolio exactly? Well, in the investing world it’s common jargon that is well coupled with the concept of diversification. And what’s diversification you ask? Well, it’s also often said that diversification is defined by the phrase “don’t put your eggs all in one basket” cause if that basket breaks, there go your hard-earned eggs. Allow me to expound how this all relates to SteelMclean, grooming or anything that matters to you.

In the grooming world I think a portfolio of products should do the same. It’s a delicate dance of product specificity and product versatility. And I really think SteelMclean does this little dance quite well. The products adhere to the SteelMclean brand identity, produced from a tried and true barber salon. A little back story: the grooming line was born out of the vision of Rayon Mclean, owner of SteelMclean Barbers in New Jersey. The goal was and is to create a range of products that can offer value to a broad range of people with a multi-role fit. Let’s quit dancing and dig in…

Texture Cream

This hair cream is alcohol, paraben, sulfate and sodium chloride-free as well as pH balanced (along with the entire SteelMclean line). It’s lightweight and soft. It’s pliable and gets in your hair quick and easy. It’s got a mostly matte finish that keeps your hair in place while making your hair feel like it’s walking on air. Heck, it was crafted to be able to be blended with other products. And it’s pretty much void of any scent–none of those potent, in-your-face odors that overpower your other products and scare away your friends. I tend to use multiple hair products throughout the week depending on what I am doing and where I am going. If I am going to the motorcycle track I am definitely not gooping my hair with pomade. If I am going on a ride in the twisties of Malibu I generally want something that will hold my hair and not pop up all over the place after the helmet comes off. If I am going to work I like to be out of the radar, no hi-shine products throwing me under any sort of spotlight. This product is one for the keep. A solid cream to condition your hair and one that won’t make your hair stand up or scare ladies away from stroking your hair.

Sport Culture
Oh man. If I died and went to Heaven I think this is what it would smell like. Made with 11 botanical scents, it’s a citrus party every time I get in the shower. Use it on your body or on your face, you don’t know how much I appreciate that versatility. I travel a good bit for work and this allows me to simplify my life with a little less clutter on-the-go. It lathers up well and seems to hydrate my skin well too. Oh and don’t worry, that scent doesn’t stick around like cologne and overthrow your other products or anything… though a very strong part of me wish it did. I would be fine if it stuck around forever.

Oil Purpose
Soybean oil. Almond oil. Peppermint oil to wake you up after going through the singular experience of this calming concoction. Put in on your beard, scalp, face or any other skin for that matter. This stuff makes my skin feel so nice and smooth. I usually don’t like oils since they tend to get me feeling greasy, however this one is one big exception. It hydrates my skin, softens my facial hair, and is absorbed well enough by my skin to keep me from feeling like a wet dog. This product gets me excited every time I get to use it.

Gel Cream
I don’t really use gel. I think that it’s better kept in the 80s, 90s and all the other years where they had a thing about making their hair feel like a helmet. First, even if this gel did do that, I’d wear it just for the presence of its awesome scent. Don’t confuse it with being pungent and potent though. Second, this gel doesn’t create an overly hard composition of your hair where all of the fibers seem to mesh as one. It’s pretty lightweight and mild to be honest. But it does the job. And it does the job exceptionally well. Not overly glossy and just enough when you are looking for that extra touch of dapper.

Anyways, thanks for reading. If you think one of ’em might fit your style, check ’em out at