About Us

Origin Story

To understand SteelMclean is to understand our origin. And by that, we’re not referring to understanding where the founder is from (although that is also important). What we mean is that to truly know us, is to fully comprehend the amount of care and sweat equity that we put into formulating the very first SteelMclean product and every product since.

In this industry, it is so easy to purchase a formula or to replicate your favorite shampoo or conditioner, slap a label on it and rebrand it as an ‘original’ product. It requires nothing more than capital and a contact. At SteelMclean we chose not to cheat, not to cut corners. When we set out to complete a task, we do it right. We are patient. We are thoughtful. We are exacting. We are purposeful.

We worked closely with a hand-selected scientific team, from inception to production, for over two years before introducing our first product to the world. We were determined to get it right because we care – about you and the value that we bring to your life.

Based on our salon clients’ feedback, we had a very clear vision of the products that were needed. We understood what was missing in the marketplace both in terms of quality and effectiveness. We researched every ingredient. We studied how our skin and hair responded. We gave samples to our clients to try and recorded their feedback. The end result was SteelMclean Products – products uniquely formulated to clean, correct and caress your hair and skin. Our products contain unique and very sophisticated ingredients that are naturally derived and incredibly effective. Our products are proven. We use SteelMclean Products every day at our salon and in our homes. They are part of our everyday existence.

SteelMclean products are also deliberately multipurpose and multifunctional. The needs of many groups are often left out of the design process and we were intent on acknowledging that gap. Men can use SteelMclean. Women can use SteelMclean. People from a broad variety of races and ethnicities can use SteelMclean. Our design incorporated a broad range of multicultural voices – Caucasian, Asian, African American and Latino – which helped us to produce a product line that thoughtfully addresses the hair and skincare needs of many.

Through our design process we also recognized the value of being able to use fewer products to achieve the same hair and skincare objectives. SteelMclean Products have multiple facets. Our skin cleansers are gentle and effective enough to be used on your face and body. Our lotions will immediately address your skin’s dryness and with daily use overtime, may improve the overall look and feel of your skin reducing the need to lotion as often. Our shampoos are designed to condition while our conditioners nourish and provide a layer of protection to prevent further damage.

We love our products, as do our clients, and we know you will too. We invite you to elevate your clean with SteelMclean Products. Thoughtfully derived. Purposefully chosen. Intentionally yours. SteelMclean.